Education builds the future  

Our goal

For over 22 years, Sipar has helped Cambodia fight illiteracy and develop school and public reading. An enrichment to this program has been the establishment of a publishing branch for books in khmer eleven years ago.

Key Figures

200 000 new readers among children

300 school libraries

18 public Reading Centers

9 mobile libraries

2500 school librarians trained

17 reading corners in hospital

10 projects of communal educational services development

26 prison libraries

3 libraries for garmentworkers

120 titles for young people in khmer

1 500 000 books were published


Sipar : Sharing the book ...

Sharing the book - During 5 minutes, follow the actions of Sipar in the libraries and publishing sector since 1991 in Cambodia.

New collection "Life Skills"

Release of the book "Job Readiness" published in the framework of the project “Support to educational, cultural and reinsertion activities of the inmates through the implementation of libraries in the 26 prisons of Cambodia 2013/2014’’ funded by AFD and in partnership with Mith Samlanh NGO.

It is the first book of the new collection “Life Skills” that provides knowledge and tips on how to be ready for a job. Readers will learn about the necessary preparation before finding a job, the right behaviors to adopt to succeed in a job interview , how to keep a job on a long term, how to upgrade his/her position at work, and how to work abroad safely.

The book consists of short texts along with many pictures easy to understand and follow-up.

3 other titles are planned within this program.

A New Title Edition

Exploring Angkor Part II - Angkor Mysteries

It’s the 2nd guidebook in Khmer language published by Sipar.

It brings readers to a wonderful journey which departs from Kulen mountain by descending along the Siem Reap River passing by 11 main sites with their hidden mysteries: Kulen mountain, Banteay Srey, Baray Neak Pean, Angkor Thom, Royal Palace, Baphuon, Ta Prohm, Banteay Kdey, West Mebon, Koh Tameas and the Siem Reap International Airport, where preventive archaeological researches have been undertaken.

If you wish to order a copy : Contact us.

The development of the access to reading for the children of Siem Reap

Two new school buildings and one library of Roluos School and a new mobile library : the opening ceremony was on March 7, 2014

Fondation Saint Exupéry pour la Jeunesse

In the framework of the partnership between IWC Schaffhausen, the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Youth Foundation and Sipar, the event celebrated the involvement of the partners in the fight against illiteracy through reading promotion.

This event falls within a partnership of more than 10 years between the different actors.

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Sipar books donated to the children of the Pediatric Hospital of Phnom Penh

Sipar books donated to the children of the Pediatric Hospital of Phnom PenhTo celebrate the launch of a Picture Book on Vehicles published in khmer for toddlers, an event was organized at the National Pediatric Hospital of Phnom Penh with Cambodia Airports, our sponsor for the publishing of the book.

This book was donated to every children of the Hospital (the 200 patients). ‘’We were happy to see these children smiling when we delivered the books in the medical rooms”. ‘’These books will help cure sick children’s spirit’’ said Dr. Nhep Angkeabos, director of the hospital.

Sipar follows its mission as a Sower of Books !

IBBY Award for two SIPAR titles

Sipar édition : Le Prince qui ne riait jamaisSIPAR has just been honored by the IBBY network (International Board on books for Young People) for the publication of: “The Prince who Never Laughed” by Dary Heng and for the translation of “James and the Giant Peach” by Navy Hort.

Edition Sipar : James et la grosse pêcheIBBY, a non-profit organization,  is committed to bringing books and children together in more than 70 countries over the world.

A jury in Cambodia selected the book by Dary Heng and the translation by Navy Hort  to appear on the  Honor List which will circulate for the next two years during the events organized by IBBY International.

This distinction is recognition for SIPAR as a Cambodian publisher of books of quality.

In Cambodia garment workers also have the right to read

With the aim of reaching a new population of readers, garment workers, Sipar has developed a project responding to the request of the British management of a Dewhirst company factory.

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A new operating site for Sipar mobile libraries thanks to TOTAL

Sipar just celebrated the launch of a new operating site for its mobile libraries thanks to its partnership with Total Cambodge Oil Company.

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A motorbike as a library in the Ratanakiri province

A mobile library under the aspect of a motorbike has taken the road in Ratanakiri carrying books to remote areas.

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International prize to Sipar IBBY - ASAHI

Sipar has received the IBBY ASAHI Reading Promotion Awards 2012 ,

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