36 years of activity for Cambodia

Sipar has been working actively with underprivileged populations in Cambodia for 36 years. Based essentially on developing reading and the fight against illiteracy, the association has been working for 26 years in all of Cambodia’s regions with one unique objective: make books an educational lever, transport them and make them accessible to the most underprivileged populations.

SIPAR's Values and Commitments

Sipar has embraced 3 core values since its creation: INNOVATION and permanent renewal of its actions in aid of the most underprivileged, TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE to the relevant Cambodian authorities and professionals, seeking SUSTAINABILITY of the projects by encouraging ownership by the beneficiaries and ongoing training for the local team.

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2nd Edition of the national “Safe Driving “Campaign

2nd Edition of the national “Safe Driving “Campaign

“Drive or Drink” is the leitmotiv of the 2nd “Safe Driving” campaign led by Total Cambodge, Smart, Sipar, Pernod Ricard Cambodge, Asia Pacific International Wine and Spirits Alliance (APIWSA), Essilor 2.5 New Vision Generation, and Cambodia Beverage Company, from 5th to 11th ...

A day of activities and awareness-raising efforts gathers 700 participants

A day of activities and awareness-raising efforts gathers 700 participants

Sipar, in partnership with UNICEF Cambodia, recently organised an event where close to 700 attendees participated. This was held in the village of Pachun, province of Ratanakiri. The head of the municipality, as well as 30 kindergarten school teachers, also took part during the event. The activities...

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