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Job offers

Operation Manager, Publishing Program

Working within the Publishing team and under the authority of Sipar’s director in collaboration with the Finance and Administration team, the Operation Manager’s role will involve the following tasks:

  • Coordinate the Editorial and Commercial teams on working planning, tasks and achievement,
  • Coordinate the administrative and financial aspects of these two departments,
  • Plan the yearly budget of the Publishing Program in link with the director, finance manager and board members,
  • Reporting (monthly, quarterly and yearly) of the working progress including production activity, sale incomes and expenses,
  • Participate in the elaboration of Sipar’s books Sale strategies and coordinate the implementation of daily sale,
  • Contribute in the analysis of the market, competitors, sale and distribution channels, and propose relevant actions to reinforce the long term development of the Publishing activities,
  • Be in charge of the internal communication of the Publishing program,
  • Participate in the analysis of needs in term of trainings and human resources development among the Publishing Program team,
  • Participate in activities related to book promotion and sale (book fairs and others),
  • Join other tasks when needed.

Download the job description : Operation Manager Publishing Program


Project Assistant for Library Learning Center Project in garment factories

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Regularly​ and closely follow-up the functioning of each Library learning Center (LLC)
  • Valorize the functions of the library learning center as a vital place for social and educational development of the workers in collaboration with factories
  • Propose the organization of the promotion activities to increase the number of users and borrowers of the LLC
  • Work closely with the librarians and the project manager and CWPD team to organize the LLC promotion sessions and to organize awareness sessions on social topics
  • Identify the needs of each LLC and the needs of each librarians in terms of the LLC management and books supply and in link with the project manager of each factory
  • Follow-up and support the opening of literacy class, the number of teachers trained, the number of students enrolled and write reports
  • Facilitate the skill exchanges between all the librarians and project managers of factories in order to push the use of the LLCs and the use of the related services provided by the LLC (social topics, literacy class)
  • Attend monthly meeting of the project team to propose realist solutions for each LLC in difficulty and make planning accordingly
  • Provide supports to the LLC Project Manager in terms of reporting, organizing steering committee’ meeting and field visits by partners and donors of the project
  • Perform other tasks as required

Download the job description : Project-Assistant Garment Factories Program


Graphic Designer

Key Activities:

Working within the Publishing team and under the authorities of Sipar’s director and the Publishing Program Manager, the Graphic Designer’s role will involve the following tasks:

  • Participate in books concept, design and other documents related to book production,
  • Participate in the design of material of promotion and marketing,
  • Participate in monitoring the production of books and other documents (color and print quality),
  • Participate in activities related to the promotion and sale of books,
  • Participate in working sessions with other members of Sipar if needed.

Download the job description : Graphic Designer 2019



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