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Our Partners


Our Institutional partners

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of CambodiaMinistry of Labor and Vocational Training in Cambodia General Department of Prisons of CambodiaWomen MinistryUnited Nations Human RightsUNESCO


Our institutional sponsors

AFD Agence Française de DéveloppementAmbassade de FranceAustralian AidUNICEFMairie de Versailles

The organisations we work with

Action Cambodge Handicap - Asia Foundation - Cambodia Librarian and Documentalist Association – Cambodia - Women for Peace and Development - Caritas Cambodia - Friends International - GMAC - IBBY - Hands of Hope – Institut Français du Cambodge - International Committee of The Red Cross - Krousar Thmey - La Voix de l'Enfant - Lycée Français René Descartes - Mith Samlanh - Mlop Tapang - NGO in Education Partnership - Osmose - Passerelles Numériques Cambodge - Prison Fellowship Cambodia - Rabbit School - Room to Read - Save the Children -SVA - This Life Cambodia - Youth Star.

Our private sponsors

Fondation Air FranceFondation AmanjayaFondation Pierre BellonAssociation AEPKAPTI PHARM
Can Sports CambodiaCDCSté ComgestComgest Foundation

Eurocham Cambodia Hachette livreONG KinalFondation Luciole

Textile factory Sabrina in CambodiaFondation Antoine de Saint Exupéry pour la JeunesseSmart in CambodgeSMATERIATOTAL Cambodia
Weave our Future FoundationRotary Club de Phnom PenhWomen's International Group of Cambodia

Our communication partners

isi printPixels et PapillonLotus Radio FM


Our online donation platform

helloasso la solution de dons aux associations


We are deeply grateful to the above as well as to other private donors, some of which have been supporting Sipar since it was founded in 1982.


Contact us

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  • Phnom Penh

  • 855 (0)10 200 740


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