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Distribution list

Personal information and data collected on the site’s documents and files are for the sole use of Sipar. They are computer processed to provide reciprocal information between Sipar and its members and supporters and keep them informed about the life of the Association through e-mail. We guarantee that everything is done to ensure the data’s highest confidentiality and integrity. Information obtained is under no circumstances sold, leased or communicated to third parties. It is stored for a maximum of 3 years except for the association’s active members (donors, volunteers, corporations...) whose data is used for web or mail communication, particularly the Newsletter, invitations to the AGM and relevant tax receipts.


Access rights to computer files

Any user who has directly or indirectly supplied nominative information to the Association may request that Sipar communicate said personal information to them and have it rectified if necessary in accordance with French law N° 78-17 dated January 6th, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedom. Please contact us at the following address:

16 rue Champ Lagarde
78000 Versailles

Or send an email : contact us

You also have the possibility to unsubscribe each time you receive a communication from us. The link to unsubscribe can be found at the bottom of the Newsletter.

The change will be made within a reasonable time frame following receipt of your request.



With a view to constantly improving our web communication support and to provide our users with a better web experience, we have to measure certain key indicators such as the number of visits, pages viewed, visitor activity on the site. This information is collected thanks to Google Analytics technology. This technology uses so-called “cookies”.

Cookies are small files of data which enable us to compare new visitors with old ones, to understand how users browse our site, to obtain data from which we will be able to improve future browsing experience, and to collect information, purely for statistical purposes, relative to browsing activity on our site.

Cookies do not store any trace of a user’s personal information and identifiable data is never recorded. If you do not wish to use cookies, you can adjust the settings on your computer to delete them from all web sites and/or receive a notification if cookies are stored.

If you do not wish to change the cookies set-up, simply continue browsing on the site. By using our internet site, you agree to the use of such cookies in connection with your device.

Cookies configuration rules vary according to browsers. To get to know the way they work and to customize them, go to your browser’s help menu. Warning: any configuration which you carry out on your web browser implying the acceptance or refusal of cookies is liable to alter your browsing on internet in general as well as your access conditions to certain services requiring the use of such cookies.



SIPAR cannot be held responsible for any damage or virus which could infect your computer or any IT device following use or access to the site or downloads coming from the site.



All text and illustrations on our site are copyrighted. Reproducing them for personal use is accepted but their unauthorized alteration or distribution is forbidden.



Commercial brands appearing on the site are registered trademarks. Any representation and/or reproduction and/or partial or total exploitation of these brands is therefore prohibited.



SIPAR does not control sites in connection with its site and cannot be held responsible for their contents. Risks connected with the use of these sites are entirely the user’s responsibility. The user will comply with their terms of use.



No company having contributed to the creation and setting up of our site can be held responsible for any possible damage, whether direct or indirect, which could arise from your access to or use of our site.

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