A day of activities and awareness-raising efforts gathers 700 participants

Sipar, in partnership with UNICEF Cambodia, recently organised an event where close to 700 attendees participated. This was held in the village of Pachun, province of Ratanakiri. The head of the municipality, as well as 30 kindergarten school teachers, also took part during the event. The activities included games, reading contests using Ipads, creating video spots, and quizzes – all of which were held to raise awareness on various topics such as health, nutrition, breastfeeding, road safety, and environmental consciousness. The event was a success for all of the participants, kids and adults alike!

For the past 3 years, Sipar and UNICEF have been collaborating to raise awareness amongst the members of impoverished communities on problems linked to health and nutrition. This year, the activities have been held in the province of Ratanakiri, where Sipar's Mobile Library Motorbike provides assistance to the underprivileged minorities. This project also engages nursery school teachers as Sipar trains them on how to adopt various techniques such as the use of the narrative approach to better disseminate messages. This initiative has identified three important events to be held between July and December 2018.

Kindergarten school teachers have shared their affirmations:

“I was very interested with the booth that promoted reading. The librarian read a story in a very smooth-flowing and clear way while using different voices and creating various sounds according to the contents of the story. Thanks to this technique, I will improve the way that I teach my kindergarten classes.” Ms. Kham Srey Mao, 28 years old

“Before, just like everybody, I didn't like reading. I am delighted to have met people who are passionate about it, and who have transmitted to me their knowledge and their enthusiasm. Now, I will be able to do the same and further encourage the development of my students' capacities, with the help and participation of their parents.” - Ms. Lin, 25 years old

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