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A new Chairman for Sipar

We are delighted to share with you messages from Claude VINCENT who was Chairman for more than 24 years and Patrice LUCAS, elected Chairman last April 2019!


Claude Vincent Président du Sipar pendant 24 ans
« It is with much emotion and yet with pride and hope, that after over 24 years as Chairman, I’m handing over to our new president, Patrice Lucas. Patrice has had wide experience in industry followed by lengthy experience in the non profit sector. Our team, together with his love for education will ensure that he meets all the challenges that he will certainly come up against in the next few years. It has given me great joy to chair over Sipar, but I’m handing over full of confidence and serenity. Thank you to all of you who put your trust in us. Please renew that trust in the new team of which I shall continue to take part as member of the board of directors. »

Patrice LUCAS

« I am extremely proud to be following in the footsteps of Claude Vincent who over the past 24 years has managed not only to instill continuity into Sipar’s actions but also to bring constant innovation to help develop education in Cambodia. Surrounded by a board of directors made up half of “old timers” and half of new members, I feel ready to take up the challenge and to make Sipar an NGO which will perpetuate its capacity for constant renewal and keep up with the real needs of the people we serve thanks to your generosity as donors. Be ensured that our motivation is more than ever real and our energy will be visible through our actions ».

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