Covid-19 : the World Bank confirms the extremely serious economic and social impact in prospect for Cambodia

Covid-19 : the World Bank confirms the extremely serious economic and social impact in prospect for Cambodia

Despite the very few officially confirmed cases*, the impact of the health crisis on Cambodia has led to discouraging perspectives. The World Bank has just estimated that growth in 2020 could fall to somewhere between 1 to 2.9%, in other words the lowest for 22 years, compared to 7.9% in 2019. Nearly 1.76 million jobs in total are at risk, mainly in the textile sector (which generates 7 billion dollars of turnover), tourism or construction.

Resumption of Sipar’s activities : wherever possible

After a period of suspension of its activities (bibliobus, factory and prison activities, support for youth clubs, …), Sipar’s teams have resumed wherever possible their reading, educational and awareness-raising activities with the emphasis on preventive measures at the heart of every session. Prisons are currently inaccessible, as well as parts of the factories, stopped due to a lack of orders from the west. The teams are making the most of it by undergoing training, creating activity projects and any editing connected with each of their programmes.

Concerns regarding schooling

The shutdown of schools which has sent home children who, for the most part, cannot count on support from their parents nor digital technology, will continue till the Autumn. In the coming months, it seems clear that once again our mission will be to reinvent ourselves more than ever as a support for institutional actions which will be carried out to combat precariousness and a decrease in educational dynamics!

*Number of Covid-19 cases in Cambodia (Ministry of Health statistics at the end of May): 124 persons tested positive for Covid-19, zero deaths.

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