Digital access for young people in rural areas thanks to Nomadlab

A digital laboratory for the members of the Pratheat (Prey Veng) youth club giving access to tablets with educational content developed by the NGO Passerelles Numériques Cambodge (PNC) has been in place for several months now thanks to Sipar and PNC.

PNC and Sipar with youthTablet Nomadlab

The mobile library has 8 tablets equipped with educational software accessible without an internet connection. NomadLab offers pupils not only access to applications to work on school subjects (Khmer, mathematics) but also to information on career guidance, to discover jobs and post baccalaureat study options and to assess their skills.

Nomadlab Sipar Passerelles NumériqueFormation Nomadlab Sipar and PNC

This unique initiative in Cambodia enables students living in poor rural areas to find information on study options and post baccalaureat careers while continuing their lessons using digital media during and beyond school closures imposed by the Cambodian government since mid March 2020 as a consequence of the spread of Coronavirus.

This project is more than ever relevant in order to respond to the problem facing the majority of students in rural areas who are finding themselves with very serious learning difficulties following the closure of Cambodian schools in March. In most cases parents are unable or not available to assist their children in their studies. Inequalities in access to distance learning are clearly widening between city and countryside.

NomadLab and training in its use by 6 volunteers from the Pratheat youth club, will enable children in the community to benefit from extra tutoring sessions given by club members with the help of digital tools, reducing the risk of the children dropping out of school or school failure.

The first months have been a resounding success: in July and August, 100 users and 100 hours of use!

We need your help to extend the project to other youth clubs.

If you would like to help offer digital access and continued learning to young Cambodians in rural areas, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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