Sipar Launches the First Literacy Class for Cambodian Brick Factory Workers

Under the guidance and with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Sipar has launched in August 2019 the first ever literacy programm in Cambodia designed to improve reading and numeracy skills of brick factory workers.

Literacy Class Sipar in Brick Factory Literacy Class Sipar in Brick Factory

The brick production industry in Cambodia is thriving due the construction boom which took over the country some twenty years ago. However, working conditions of the families working and living in the brick factories – remain extremely poor, with little to no access to education, healthcare and fundamental rights.

A baseline study conducted by Sipar to evaluate the level of literacy of adult employees in 8 brick factories revealed that 71% of workers cannot read, and only 16% have a basic grasp of reading. The 7 months literacy programm designed by Sipar includes a 1h literacy class per day from Monday to Thursday, during lunchbreak (11am-1pm), as well as awareness sessions on topics like parental education, health and hygiene, environment, domestic violence, family planning and reproductive health.

Since 2018, Sipar has been promoting reading through educational activities with children, young people and adults living in the brick factories as part of our mobile libraries. The literacy programme, based on Sipar’s previous experience of running a literacy class in garment factories with the support of UNESCO, will now be launched in 8 brick factories from August 2019 to February 2020.

Literacy Class Sipar in Brick Factory Punleur Angkor

The inauguration ceremony took place on 28th August in Punleur Angkor brick factory in Kandal province, in the presence of a representative from the District Office of Education (DOE) and 30 employees from the brick factory. Mr. Phin Sokhom, from the DOE, praised this pioneer initiative, saying it will contribute to greatly improving the livelihoods of the beneficiaires. He further commented that if the 7 months “trial” class is successful, the Ministry of Education would seek the opportunity to continue the programme after February 2020.



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