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Happy Khmer New Year !

Khmer New Year – Bon Chaul Chhna in Cambodia. Happy new year from all on the Sipar team and thank you for your precious support.

Happy Khmer New Year Sipar Cambodge
This is the most important religious festival of the year in Cambodia. It starts each year on 13th or 14th April and ends on 15th or 16th April. It marks the end of the dry season. The Cambodians bring offerings to the Vat (pagodas), spring clean their houses, exchange presents and new clothes and splash each other. On the streets they play traditional games such as Boh Angkunh, Chaol Chhoung, Leak Kansaeng and tug of war.

Nouvel an Khmer Année du copOffrandes nouvel an Khmer au Cambodge
The Buddhist calendar is one used in south east Asia (mainly in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Burma) and Sri Lanka. It’s a lunisolar calendar based on the Surya Siddhanta astronomy treatise dating back to the 3rd century.




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