Health awareness thanks to a new educational kit

Developed by the Sipar teams as part of a project supported by the Association of Pharmaceutical Students and Khmer Pharmacists (AEPK), the "health" educational kit has been in the hands of Cambodian children in villages and brick factories around Phnom Penh since July. We are pleased to invite you to discover – unfortunately only virtually – a typical session led by our mobile librarians for our young beneficiaries.

Sipar health awarnessHealth awarness Sipar

Cambodian children’s education in personal hygiene, health and nutrition is still very marginal despite many illnesses such as dengue fever, rabies or diarrheal diseases which continue to be a threat to public health. The educational kit has been designed specifically to make children aware of these issues including good hygiene practices and preventative measures to be respected against coronavirus.

Sipar health awarnessSipar health awarnessSipar health awarness

Since July, the kit has been travelling in Sipar’s bibliobuses around villages, slums, brick factories and nursery schools and has reached out to some 3 000 children on 78 different sites.

During a typical bibliobus session, the part dedicated to health lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. Through creative activities, educative games and books, the mobile librarians enable children to discover:

  • Basic human anatomy with its main organs and their functions (photo: plastic torso with its organs)
  • Basic hygiene practices (hands, teeth, body, etc.)
  • Preventative and precautionary measures against Covid 19
  • Actions to prevent disease (protection against dengue fever, rabies, diarrhoea, intestinal worms etc ..)
  • Nutrition and the three basic food groups.

The health awareness sessions are a complement to the three reading corners set up between 2009 and 2016 in partnership with UNICEF in two hospitals and a health centre in Kratié, Ratanakiri and Steung Treng. As part of a renewed project supported by AEPK, the three reading-games corners will be made permanent for children in remote areas in the North of the country. This will benefit 2,300 children and their families.

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