A new special library has opened at Kraing Sramor High School (Kampong Chhnang Province)

For the first time, Sipar has launched a new library equipped with a Vocational Orientation Corner thanks to Can Sports Cambodia.

The ceremony was held in Kraing Sramor high school in Samaki Mean Chey District, Kampong Chhnang province on 19th March 2019. The event brought together participants including: the Director of the Provincial Office of Education of Kampong Chhnang, the Vice-governor of Samaki Mean Chey District, Sipar’s staff, Can Sports Shoes and GMAC/CGTI representatives, the School Director, local authorities and more than 1200 students and 36 teachers from Kraing Sramo High School.

Library with Can Sports Shoes and Sipar new library Sipar

Sipar has built many school libraries since 2000, nevertheless, this is the first time Sipar has opened a new library equipped with a Vocational Orientation Corner (VOC) with the support from Can Sports Cambodia, a footwear factory situated in Samaki Meanchey district.

This means that students will not only find books at the library, but they will also have access to numerous resources on jobs and careers, and information relating to universities. This will be a great help to students, especially those who are in grades 10, 11 and 12, who have a very limited idea of what they will do after high school. In fact, a study led by Can Sports and Sipar in February reveals that :

Hight school in Cambodia

The majority of the 600 students in Kraing Sramor High School do not know about many of the majors they can pursue at university after their high school graduation. For instance, they can only name four jobs or careers they can pursue in the future: Teacher, Physician, Policeman and Accountant. Moreover, when asked about information relating to universities, they can only name one university and most of them have no idea about what can be studied at university.

As well as launching the library, Can Sport & Sipar plan to organize Vocational Orientation Forums & Sessions with specialists. This will enable students to have concrete interaction with professionals to have a better understanding about day to day work and the sector. In addition, Can Sports is also providing scholarships for students: since the beginning of the project, 3 of the high school’s students have been awarded scholarships to study at CGTI and these 3 qualified young people have now got jobs in the factory.

Mr. Hok Sothik, Director of Sipar, said “This will help students after they finish Grade 12. They will be able to find majors and universities that suit their skills and passion because the country has so many opportunities for them.”

Mr. Sim Brim, the Director of Provincial Office of Education of Kampong Chhnang also praised the achievements of Sipar and Can Sports on the new library. He concluded that, “with Sipar, we now have quality books for the students. This is helpful especially because students are looking for good paths towards their future.”



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