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Pre-school teacher training at Kratie

Sipar trains pre-school teachers on the importance of books and the techniques to make toddlers love reading

Why and How to make toddlers love reading? That’s the key topic of the training that Sipar is carrying out among pre-school teachers. Within the framework of the Sipar program supported by UNICEF, Sipar trained 36 pre-school teachers in the Provincial Teacher Training College in Kratie.

pre-school teacher training Sipar in Cambodiapre-school teacher training in Cambodia

The 36 pre-school teachers - all women - had already been trained in early childhood care and teaching techniques by the POE (Provincial Office of Education) with the support of UNICEF.  On  that occasion, they received a kit of around 90 books for toddlers... hence it was  now time to learn how to use it! “We are very proud that Sipar trains us and we hope that more and more pre-school teachers  in the province will benefit from it”, explained PIN Phal, chief  of the Early Childhood Education office of the POE of Kratie Province, at the very beginning of the training.

First of all, Kim Eng HEAN, Sipar Technical Assistant & Trainer, explained the benefits of fiction books and non fiction books. She took, for example, the fiction book “Dodo”, a story that  helps teach how to wash hands and why it is important to do so.  

Then, Kim Eng explained the results of a survey  in Thailand that measures the impact of a parent reading a book to his child from 5 to 15 minutes a day. Six years later, those kids acquired  many more benefits in terms of motor, social, emotional, moral and creative development and were also more advanced in terms of language and communication  than average Thai children (22 points of difference  on average out of 36 criteria).

After all these explanations, the teachers were able to have group discussions on different topics thanks to Rana KHUN, Sipar Technical Assistant in charge of pedagogy : “Why do we need to use books for small children?” and “What are the criteria for a good book for small children?” “What are the 10 main tips to encourage small children to love reading?”. The teachers had some intense discussions on these topics.  “Books develop toddlers’ language, enable them to create social relationships with the other children”. Books have a real appeal for children, they are attracted by them.” said Sina, a pre-school teacher  for 3 years at Da village (Check Borei district).

The day after, Marady SAMRITH, a mobile librarian, talked about how in practice to read a book to small children. Once more, Marady proved his talent  as a storyteller as all the pre-school teachers were passionate about the techniques he taught. Then, they had the  opportunity to read a book  out loud in front of the public. They really enjoyed practising! Some of them enjoyed it so much that they began by making the others sing a nursery rhyme as an ice-breaker... What a fun way to catch everyone’s attention!

“This training was very useful, since we noted that they do not know as much about the topic in comparison with Rattanakiri pre-school teachers for example”, concluded Kim Eng, Sipar’s trainer.

These 36 pre-school teachers are now able to use the techniques taught at their pre-school, and will contribute to promoting reading  to the toddlers! “Thanks to books and other educational games, I am succeeding in attracting more kids and parents. In the beginning I was dealing with 12 kids, now I am in charge of 30 kids.

"Thanks to the presence of the pre-school, the parents realize now that pre-school is useful for their kids’ development, as well as books.” said Sina. “Now, I will use all the  techniques I learnt and promote the use of books among all mother and will encourage them and the villagers to borrow some books.” she added.




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