Closing Ceremony of the Total Safety Cube Campaign to Promote Road Safety by TOTAL Cambodia and SIPAR

Road safety  with Total Cambodia and SiparPromote road safety with Total Cambodia and Sipar

TOTAL Cambodge and SIPAR NGO are partners again in order to fight illiteracy and to promote the Road Safety to students in primary school of Phnom Penh and Prey Veng, Kandal provinces with the new tool “Total Safety Cube” fully designed by TOTAL Group.

Total Group has developed a campaign in line with the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 made by World Health Organization. This campaign aims to educate children from primary schools about the road and its risks.

Within 2016, Total Cambodge spreads this new campaign with Sipar, our 3 years partner on “Road Safety” program, with the main goal in educating 10 -12 years primary students on the Road Safety and its diverse risks.

To achieve the main objective that is to help children from Phnom Penh and neighbouring Province to understand the fundamentals of Road Safety, Total Cambodge launches “Total Safety Cube” produced in Khmer, French but also in English, with Cooperation of Sipar mobile library team and the active participation, great support from Provincial Office of Education of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Since the start of the Safety Cube campaign in mid-year 2016 to December 2016, 4 active animations have been successfully taken place in 4 primary schools for about 800 beneficiaries.To date, the campaign of "Road Safety Cube" is to complete with an official closing ceremony on December 21.

Total Cambodge Team, SIPAR and Locals representatives had dedicated the whole morning to the Total Safety Cube. It gathers: lessons with colourful books, others elements such signals, pedestrian crossings to build roads, coloured pencils boxes for each student, stickers and more. During the session, children were involved and motivated to know more about the Road Safety, one of the biggest issues in Cambodia. At the end of the lesson, well animated by SIPAR, they had a contest, and the winners received great but also useful prizes provided by Total Cambodge.

As road accidents remain the first cause of fatalities in Cambodia, Total Cambodge and Sipar will continue to raise the children awareness on road safety.



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