My greatest pleasure - seeing the children running towards the bibliobus.

Testimony from Marady Samrith, SIPAR librarian for 13 years. 

On arrival he trained as a librarian. Once qualified he began as a mobile librarian so he could pass on his passion for reading. 

What is one his days at Sipar ?

“My week is very busy but is very exciting also. Every week I visit 9 different villages from Monday to Friday morning. And on Friday afternoon, I take part in meetings or trainings sessions with the other Sipar mobile librarians. “ The “judge hare” van that Marady drives visits 2 villages a day – one in the morning and the other one in the evening – in three different provinces: Kampong Speu, Kandal or Takeo. “ When we arrive at the village, the assistant, the volunteer and I prepare the material while talking to the children to get to know the lastest events of the village. To begin with, we collect the books borrowed by the children the week before.

Then, we start the storytelling of one of Sipar’s books and organize a free reading session for 15 to 20 minutes. Some of them some of them pick out book and want to borrow. Finally, we organize some fun and educational activities, such as construction game , or a Khmer consonants game...” Sometimes, we also organize an awareness session to spread key messages related to health, safety, sanitation or other topics.

As a mobile librarian with 13 years of experience, Mr. Marady shares advice and tips with us on how to be a good storyteller: “Before the storytelling, try to read the book as many time as possible, in order to have a proper understanding of it. One of the most important things for the storyteller is also to have a strong passion for reading and teaching. Without passion, no matter how many times you have read the book before, it won’t be good storytelling, children will be discouraged.”

The thing he is enjoys the most at Sipar is participating in workshops related to library management and sharing tips with experts and colleagues. As a mobile librarian, we need to continue to improve our capacity and to keep innovating.” He also added “What is really motivates me, is to see the children’s smiles running towards the mobile library van when arriving at the village. They are really happy to see us coming, and they are excited to see the new books they will be able to borrow. It brings us the best motivation to do better and better.”

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