Sipar and UNICEF partner to enhance awareness on nutrition, health, and wach through mobile library activities

Sipar and UNICEF partner to enhance awareness on nutrition, health, through mobile library activitiesSipar and UNICEF partner to enhance awareness on nutrition, health, through mobile library activities

Kandal Province, Cambodia, 20 September 2016 : Sipar and UNICEF today announced their partnership for a project that aims to strengthen knowledge and awareness among communities of critical nutrition, health, as well as water, sanitation and hygiene issues through reading activities and access to a mobile library.

The core activities on nutrition and health promotion will cover topics such as hand washing, information on essential food groups, complementary food for young children, as well as basic health care information such as services provided by health centers.

Mr. Hok Sothik, Director of Sipar said: "Sipar is proud to collaborate with UNICEF; thanks to this cooperation Sipar is expanding its expertise. This mobile library activity enriches the current portfolio of Sipar’s reading promotion activities by adding the topics of nutrition and health, which are critical topics for the social and economic development of Cambodia. UNICEF’s know-how in this field allows us to build on our past experience while expanding our work”.

UNICEF will support the activities of Sipar mobile library for a period of two years which will operate in areas surrounding Phnom Penh, Kratie, and Ratanakiri provinces.

The project will include reading related activities through regular weekly visits to six target villages in urban poor communities, as well as awareness raising activities in 90 villages. The project aims to reach up to 4,500 children and adults through the awareness sessions which will be conducted by using engaging materials, and 300 to 450 children and young people through the reading activities which aim to develop a long-term habit of reading. Additionally, an average of 5,000 people in the six target communities where the reading activities will be conducted will have the opportunity to borrow books from the mobile library.

Dr.Etienne Poirot, Chief of Child Survival and Development in UNICEF said : "We hope that by investing in strengthening the knowledge of the new generation, we will trigger behaviour change in the future. This mobile library will allow the unreached and vulnerable children and families in the remote settings of north-eastern Cambodia to have access to basic knowledge on nutrition, health as well as water and sanitation. Child malnutrition such as stunting cannot be solved without the integration of those three components. ”

This project will be implemented in close collaboration with village chiefs, Women and Children Committee representatives, and Commune Council members. The “Nutrition Mobile Library” minivan will be operated by personnel trained in organizing reading and educational activities such as story-telling, free reading, and conducting educational games. The awareness sessions will include showing educational videos, songs, quiz games, distribution of and discussions around educational materials, and introduction of activities that can be conducted at home by children and their family.  The mobile library will be on the road starting this month.



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