Sipar Book Event about the Series on Special Children

In 2017, Sipar published the book series on Disability, based on the true stories of Leaksmee, Vinith, Kimlang and Tina, four children with different impairments. Following the success encountered among the readers, Sipar decides to release a 2nd edition of the book series and to organize an event on 19th February 2019 at Sipar office. This event was also celebrating the award received for the title ‘Leaksmee Can Run and Jump, Yet, as “IBBY Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities.”

Sipar book event children

A book series on Disability based on four true stories

Tina, a 14 year old boy, goes to school, likes to hang out with his friends and would like to travel around the world when he grows up. Yet something is different about Tina, as he is deaf.

Leaksmee, an 8 year old girl, likes to play with her little sisters and her friends at school. She wants to become a fashion designer. Yet Leaksmee lives with a physical disability: she cannot control her movements smoothly.

Vinith, an 11 year old boy, likes to watch television and play games on the mobile phone. When you see Vinith he looks just like other but actually, Vinith lives with a mental disability: he finds it difficult to understand the world around him.

Kimlang, a 13 year old girl, goes to school and likes to spent time with her friends, play with her dog and sing. Kimlang wants to be an English teacher; she is blind but her disability is not an obstacle to her dreams.

Inspired by Dutch books, this series is the fruit of work from Judit van Geystelen, as the author, Nina Ung, as the photographer, Solida Ouch, as the translator. We also thank the voluntary contributions from specialists: Krousar Thmey NGO, Kampuchea Balopp NGO, National Physical Rehabilitation Center, Toul Kork Public School, Tropang Svay Pri Public School and Rabbit School NGO and more.

Awareness sessions on disability among Sipar programs

Following the 4 books publication, Sipar with the collaboration of Krousar Thmey, Disability Participate and UNICEF, launched an awareness program on disability, spreading the message: “With or without a disability, all children have the same right to access education”. Last year, around 40 awareness sessions on “A fun way to learn about disability” have been conducted by Sipar in villages thanks to trained mobile librarians and Youth Club members. In some villages, some deaf and blind youngsters from Krousar Thmey even took part in interactive games and activities with other kids. Moreover, 50 kits of inclusive reading and learning materials for teachers have been distributed in 50 primary schools and 60 teachers trained on the use of the inclusive learning material.

“We want all people to accept their disabilities in a general sense and help [disabled people] gain access to education just like ‘normal’ people” said Mr. Hok Sothik, Director of Sipar.

event about desability in Sipar CambodiaEvent at Sipar Cambodia about desability

The event at Sipar office on Tuesday February, 19th                 

More than 100 people came at Sipar office: parents, children, NGOs, schools, media, Sipar staff and Sipar fan book club were present but also special guests as 3 of the 4 main characters of the books, Vinith, Kimlang and Tina.

Mr. HOK Sothik, Sipar Director, begun by welcoming all the participants. Then, all children participated to a typical session of “A Fun way for children to learn about disability” conducted by Sipar mobile librarians: they played some games that underline the challenges overcome by visual, hearing, mental and physical impairments. It was also a great moment to see the main characters playing with other kids. After having experimented the daily difficulties encountered by people living with disabilities, Sipar mobile librarians explained to the children what these challenges are and how everyone can contribute to make the daily life of disabled people much easier, which begins with friendship and support!

In a nutshell, this event was a good occasion to thank the 4 main characters as well as to raise awareness among all. One of the participants, Rathna Sophea said that “Thank you Sipar team for this opportunity for us to join this interesting event and let us understand more about special children lives, they are amazing.”

Sipar wishes to widespread these messages in Cambodia but also in the world, since its book as “Leaksmee Can Run and Jump, Yet,” will be presented at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, in April 2019!


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