Covid-19: a very serious economic and social impact to be expected for Cambodia

Despite a very small number of official cases *, the measures taken by the Cambodian government have put a large part of the country at a standstill. Khmer New Year holidays and festivities have been canceled and travel between provinces has been prohibited to prevent the spread of the virus. The state of emergency has been approved by the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly.

Since the end of March, Sipar had anticipated and suspended all of its itinerant activities (mobile libraries, factory and prison activities, support through Youth Clubs, etc.), both for the protection of our employees and for not contributing to the spread of the virus among beneficiaries. Our teams are working from home. Mobile librarians train themselves, accompanied by their managers. The publishing team works from home. The management committee holds its meetings virtually. All teams are ready to restart when the health situation is improved.

Participation in the educational effort during confinement

Sipar launched an online reading campaign (via Facebook) targeted at the youngest and their parents to contribute to the dynamics of education at home during this period of school closure: Sipar books from the Collections “first picture book ”(from 1 year) and“ First story ”(from 6 years) have been converted into an ebook in partnership with Smart Axiata. You can find them on our Sipar Cambodia Facebook page if you read Khmer!

Concerns for the coming months

The garment industry in which we operate our Resource Center activities gives us a good indicator of the economic situation. The sector is currently very seriously affected by the Covid-19 Crisis and is already having a strong impact on tens of thousands of employees who have been placed on partial unemployment. In all provinces, the sudden cessation of tourism makes whole families unemployed, with, as always, the poorest who remain the first affected. The lock-out of school activities returns to their home children who can not often find the support of their parents or digital teaching. In the coming months, it becomes clear that our mission will once again be more than ever to be reinvented in order to support the institutional actions that will be taken to counter precariousness and a decline in the educational dynamic. We will need our donors more than ever!

* Number of covid-19 cases in Cambodia (data from the Ministry of Health on 04/15): 122 people tested positive for Covid-19, of which 96 have already recovered (0 dead)



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