New Sipar's youth book "The Human Body"

Sipar Edition has published a new book, “The Human Body”, originally written in French by Agnès Vandewiel. It is the eleventh young people’s book to appear in the “Discover” collection for children aged 8 and over.

Translated from French into Khmer by Oum Vanthary, it will help children discover their body and how it works as well as different ways to look after it and grow up well.

Book Sipar Human BodySipar Book Human Body

This small 32 page encyclopaedia, beautifully illustrated by Maud Riemann, covers the most frequent questions which curious children ask themselves (and ask us!) about:

  • Human anatomy, the principle organs and their functions
  • The importance of eating well and the digestive system
  • Basic personal hygiene practices
  • Health and the visit to the doctor
  • Diseases, infections and the immune system
  • Growth, pregnancy and birth
  • Our 5 senses
  • Managing our emotions

An educational work of short texts with a simple, cheerful look and straightforward explanations, it will help children to enrich their vocabulary while being perfectly accessible to young children from primary school upwards.

To develop children’s sense of observation, a little search  game can be found at the bottom right of each double page and at the end of the book one can find 6 amusing facts about the human body to satisfy their curiosity.

The book will be made available in all of Sipar’s reading areas. All purchases from Sipar Publishing are aimed at supporting the development of Sipar’s Reading For All programmes.



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