Sipar Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Sokun Nisa visits a playground-library at the National Pediatric Hospital to promote reading as a support to hospitalized children

Sokun Nisa visits playground in hospital in Phnom PenhSokun Nisa reading a book

Sipar Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Sokun Nisa visited a playground-library in Phnom Penh’s National Pediatric Hospital to show support for our reading promotion for hospitalized children during their medical treatment. Playground-libraries is a project started by Sipar and UNICEF in 2008 to provide a place for learning and entertainment, to alleviate the patients’ suffering and put a smile back on their faces. To date, 19 playground-libraries have been opened - 2 in Phnom Penh and 17 in various provinces in Cambodia.

During her visit, Nisa read some stories to the hospitalized children and shared some moments of happiness through different interactive educational games. Sokun Nisa also went to visit some young patients’ rooms and greeted their families and relatives and encouraged them to visit the playground-libraries as there are trained facilitators ready to welcome them and recommend good books and games.Sokun Nisa in National Pediatic Hospital

Sipar’s Goodwill Ambassador said “I am proud to have been invited to meet young patients and encourage them to read. Hospital waiting rooms are often overloaded. Young patients often stay at the hospital for the duration of their treatment which can sometimes be long and boring. Thus, in having a playground-library, the children can escape pain and reality and immerse themselves in another world full of joy when they listen to storytelling or read the book they have chosen. ”

Sokun Nisa was appointed as Sipar’s Goodwill Ambassador in 2015 to help promote reading among children, young people and adults. During her first reading promotion role, in September 2015, she went to Sipar’s second Library Resource Center in the Dewhirst garment factory and got a warm welcome from hundreds of excited workers/fans. She also went to the village and read a book with young readers via the mobile library. In late December 2015, she attended the “Meet and Greet” event during the “4th Cambodia Book Fair” to show support for the publishing sector.

Join Sokun Nisa and Sipar in calling on everyone to put reading as the priority. Together, we can help the reading development in Cambodia !




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