Sabrina brings Yoga & Mindfulness topic to Sipar Mobile Library

Sabrina & Sipar organized the 1st Yoga and Mindfulness intervention of this topic to more than 40 kids in a village near Sabrina factory (Kampong Speu province) on 26 March 2019.

Sipar is implementing a new awareness topic – Yoga & Mindfulness – to the mobile library program, from March 2019, thanks to the renewed partnership with Sabrina. On 26 March, 2 Canadian Yoga instructors were invited by Sabrina to trained Sipar mobile librarians on Yoga & Mindfulness before organizing the first intervention to kids in Ang Khmao village near Sabrina factory. This 1st intervention encountered a great success among the 40 kids who were very happy to practice Yoga & Mindfulness.


The partnership between Sipar and Sabrina Group was established in 2016 with the setting up of 2 Library Learning Centers (LLC) in Sabrina and Top Summit Factories. In 2017, Sabrina wanted to go beyond the “garment factory” program, and as part of their social project, it decided to support 1 mobile library to improve the reading level and to raise awareness on health and nutrition among children living in the vicinity of its factories. With this renewed partnership in 2019, Sabrina wanted to add a new awareness topic that contributes to the promotion of health and wellbeing of children.

Why Yoga and Mindfulness are important in improving health and wellbeing of children?

Yoga and Mindfulness provide many benefits in improving health and wellbeing of children.  To get a depth understanding about this activity, Sabrina invited Elizabeth and Michele, who has been teaching mindfulness and yoga for many years, to train Sipar mobile librarians.

Elizabeth has shared her experienced and research study on the significance of practicing yoga and mindfulness in an experience sharing session. During the session, she has briefly explained on how our brain is functioned and how meditation could improve our brain, in particularly our mental health. “Our brain naturally goes to negative thought, but when we meditate, we change the setting of our brain and we will see many positive things,” she said. Moreover, mindfulness and yoga are very helpful to children with attention deficit as it increases the ability of children to focus during class if they usually practice this activity. She proved that by raising one study from the University of Southern California conducted among 8 to 12 years old children. According to the study, it shows that there is a significant reduction in anxiety and behavior problem when mindfulness was practiced among children. The study was also shown to reduced violence among children in school when mindfulness was introduced. The result of the study proves that mindfulness and yoga are very beneficial to children.

Sean Reth, a Sipar mobile librarian assistant, was really happy to be responsible for Yoga & Mindfulness session because it was a new topic to her. After having conducted some sessions in several villages, she concluded, “I am very happy to see children enjoy practicing yoga and mindfulness because it helps children a lot on their study as it improves their ability to stay focus.”

From March 2019 to February 2020, the mobile librarians will conduct Yoga & Mindfulness sessions during their interventions. More than 400 kids will benefit from this activity, thanks to the support from Sabrina group.


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