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Libraries in garment factories

To contribute to the educational and social development of workers in the garment industry (90% of which are women) by implementing Libraries Learning Centers within the factories.

Sipar Bibliothèques Centres de Ressources en usines au CambodgeSipar Bibliothèques Centres de Ressources - Formations numériques pour les ouvrières


In 2015, the garment industry had over 600 factories in Cambodia, employing over 750 000 people. 90% of these workers are women, a majority of whom are under 24, and come from poor rural families and it is often their first experience in the labor market. Having often interrupted their schooling at or even before the end of primary school, these women have a low level of education. Because of the lack of access to educational services and in particular to books and other sources of information, the working population in the garment industry  has a large number of illiterates.


Based on its experience in 2013-2014 with the pilot library project in 3 garment factories, Sipar has been collaborating since July 2015 with the GMAC (Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia), the Ministry of Labour, the local NGO CWPD and the international NGO CARE to implement a project, co- funded by the French Development Agency, the Weave Our Future Foundation and Pierre Bellon Foundation, to reinforce the 18 libraries and create 16 new Libraries Learning Centers by June 2021.


By 2021 the Libraries Learning Centers will enable more than 95 000 garment workers to have access within their workplace to book lending services, digital and audiovisual tools and training sessions on key topics such as health, hygiene and nutrition. LLCs contribute to the education, self-training and empowerment of this particularly vulnerable population.

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  • 18 Libraries Learning Centers in service - 16 news planned by the end of 2021
  • 35 management staff trained to manage the Libraries Resource Centers
  • 54 000 workers have access to libraries

  • 14 000 workers were sensitized

  • 2700 readers a month

  • 20 Khmer teachers


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