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Libraries and Education Centers in prisons

Most of the persons in detention come from disadvantaged or marginalized groups with low levels of education (30% to 40% lack basic literacy and numeracy skills) and without professional qualifications.  Some NGOs provide educational or vocational training but the opportunities to develop education and to prepare the prisoners’ socio professional reinsertion are still insufficient or inappropriate. 

Atelier alphabétisation Alphabétisation femmes en prisons


Within the framework of the new law on prisons enacted in December 2011 to reinforce education, self-training and reintegration of prisoners, a huge project to develop libraries was set up between 2012-2015 in Cambodia’s 26 prisons in collaboration with the General Department of Prisons of Cambodia (GDP) and co-funded by the European Union and the French Development Agency, and with additional private funds in 2015.

In addition, sessions preparing for reintegration were provided to 330 prisoners by our local partner Mith Samlanh and four self-learning manuals were published and distributed to the 26 prison libraries.

The results of this first project 

  • 26 libraries in service

  • 28 000 prisoners benefitting from this  service

  • 8000 readers per month

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Current project

A three-year phase of the project was started in March 2016 and co-financed by the AFD. It aims to reinforce the services on offer in the 26 libraries, to set up literacy classes in 10 prisons for 500 prisoners (together with the Ministry of Education), socio-professional rehabilitation programs in 3 prisons for 400 young prisoners (together with our two local partners – Mith Samlanh and Mlop Tapang), vocational training sessions in 4 prisons aimed at 280 prisoners (with the Ministry of Labour and Professional Training) as well as training DGP and prisons officers.



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