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Mobile libraries for children living in the suburbs and remote villages

Since 2000, mini-vans have been converted into mobile libraries crisscrossing the suburbs of Phnom Penh and its surrounding provinces and also in Siem Reap province.

Mobile libray in CambodiaSipar

They conduct daily various reading-related activities with children such as storytelling, free reading, games, educational and creative activities, as well as a book lending service to them and their families. Mobile library sessions are run by mobile librarians who have been trained to facilitate reading related activities.

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These libraries operate in villages, slums, in primary schools, community pre-schools, centers for vulnerable women and children, orphanages, Disabled Children’s Rehabilitation Centers and hospitals.

Road Safety with Total supportThese activities can be also be complemented by awareness raising sessions on key topics such as one on road safety (a project implemented in partnership with Total Cambodia) and another topic on environment (with Cambodia Airports), as well as one on nutrition (in partnership with UNICEF) using interactive stands as well as producing and disseminating a range of additional educational materials.

In order to introduce young people to new technologies, two library buses provide readers with digital tablets giving them access to e-books (pilot action with Asia Foundation) and suitable apps as well as an internet connection (in partnership with SMART).

Motobike-library in RatanakiriSince 2013, with the support of the RESPEK Association, a motorbike-library has been travelling the roads of distant Ratanakiri province, in the district of Borkeo, offering an access to reading and tutoring to ethnic minorities, in particular the Tampuons and the Jarais living in isolated villages. See the video

Furthermore, in some villages visited, small book lending units are entrusted to a local volunteer in the village. This multiplies access to books for All.

Since 2000…

  • 8 mobile libraries - minivans

  • 1 motorbike-library

  • More than 3 000 books available in each minivan

  • 90 sites are served 3 or 4 times a month

  • 12 000 beneficiaries

  • 19 book lending units entrusted to local volunteers


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