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Our awareness Activities

Spreading key-message all around Cambodia. As a pedagogical specialist and expert in awareness that is in contact with the most vulnerable communities, Sipar has developed awareness sessions on various topics in collaboration with well-known companies and institutions.

These topics are widespread among communities through our mobile librarians, Youth Clubs or in garment factories through our partner CWPD.

Bibliobus Sipar au Cambodge atelier nutritionSipar Awarness activity about water, sanitation and hygiene in factory in Cambodia

Why raise awareness ?

In 2013, aware of road safety issues (one of the leading causes of fatalities and injuries in Cambodia), Total Cambodge and Sipar launched a mobile library van dedicated to raising awareness on this topic for underprivileged populations.

In 2016, Sipar decided to extend their mobile library vans’ awareness activities to health and nutrition in partnership with UNICEF.

Since then, Sipar has developed other awareness topics on the environment, the inclusion of disabled people and on rabies in order to encourage behavioral changes amongst Cambodian people and make them Ambassadors of these topics amongst their families and communities.

Mr. Etienne Poirot, Unicef‘s Health Program Manager in Cambodia “We chose the mobile library because it was the best way to establish contact with the poorest communities.”

Discover our awareness activities...

Road Safety

To contribute to people’s awareness on road safety through video spots, flyers quizzes and games.


  • Road traffic laws
  • Ethics in driving
  • Road traffic sign knowledge
  • Helmet wearing
  • Speeding
  • Cell phone use while driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Appropriate vision for safe driving


To educate children and young people to develop good habits for environmental preservation at local level through interactive activities.


  • Video spots and quizzes on the use of plastic
  • Prohibition signs workshops
  • Book reading sessions on this topic
  • Garbage recycling and introduction to reusing
  • Collective garbage collection
  • “Cleanest village” contest

For each topic, Sipar uses and creates educational games and publishing materials, adapting the message to target youngsters or adults

Water, sanitation and hygiene

To develop and implement an innovative channel providing integrated messages on Health, Hygiene and Nutrition to populations, by involving the local authorities.


  • Hand washing
  • Tooth brushing
  • Healthy eating
  • Safe drinking water
  • Proper use of latrines
  • Importance of eating three food groups and different vitamins and minerals
  • Breastfeeding

Inclusion of disabled people

To make people aware of the challenges facing disabled people and to develop inclusive attitudes to them through games and creative activities.


  • Social games to identify challenges faced by hearing, visually, motor and mentally impaired people
  • Brainstorming for solutions
  • Reading stories about four children living with disabilities


An introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - STEM

To introduce young people to STEM in a fun way, to bring out passions and vocations in a sector that is sorely lacking human resources in Cambodia.

Sipar et Smart acivités de STEMSipar au Cambodge activités de science, techniques et mathématiques


  • Biology (the human body, animals, plants …)
  • The elements (the states of water, air, heat …)
  • Mathematics (simple operations, solve fun problems, measurements …)
  • Physics (weight, forces, magnetism …)
  • Chemistry (combinations, reactions …)
  • Electricity (simple installations …)
  • Engineering & mechanics (building a bridge, towers, aeroplanes …)





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