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Promoting Local Youth Volunteering

From 2011 to August 2014, Sipar and Youth Star collaborated pro-actively  on a three year project, co-funded by the European Commission entitled “Targeted Educational Strategies for Pro-poor Community Development”.

Soutien scolaire bénévoles Sipar au CambodgeClubs de jeunes au Cambodge

One of the program’s objectives was to develop and promote youth volunteerism in 9 communes in Prey Veng and Kratie. As a follow on to this project, the two organizations have decided to cooperate again to reinforce and extend the action conducted with the Youth Clubs in Kratie and Prey Veng.

Project Objective

To support members of Youth Clubs located in villages  in remote rural areas, to become actors closely linked to  the educational and social development  within their community, contributing to democracy at local level.

Implemented Activities

In partnership with the Cambodian NGO Youth Star, the project aims  to  provide opportunities for young people to develop skills such as communication, leadership, critical thinking, planning, teaching, operating and fundraising; preparing them to build a better future.

Young Cambodian graduates age 20-25 are recruited, trained and placed  in a one year mission in poor and remote communities selected by Youth Star in Prey Veng or Kratie, where they create a Youth Club for locals aged 8 to 20 years old. The young graduates then coordinate the club’s voluntary actions in the community. Sipar provides technical support to Youth Club members to implement the main activities in order to ensure sustainability. The Clubs are registered as Community Based Organizations at the Commune Council, with whom they collaborate closely.

Interview of Dany, a Youth Club leader at Prey Veng

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  • 18 Youth Clubs  have been established in rural areas
  • 515 children and young people (66% girls) are members
  • 50 “backpack libraries” with a stock of 50 books each are being carried by volunteers from home to home and reach several hundreds readers each month
  • Each awareness campaign reaches more than 500 villagers of all ages
  • 50 “Small Teachers” provide tutoring classes to more than 650 students from 5 to 12 years old

The main activities conducted by the Youth Clubs :

Promoting Reading through «backpack libraries»

Biblio sac à dos Sipar

Community or School Libraries have been implemented in each commune as Resource Centers where more than 3000 books are available. The Youth Club members give support to the Libraries and  facilitate innovative activity: The Backpack Library (Biblio sac à dos) comes in the shape of travelling reading activities, mini mobile libraries for book-related activities, lending and borrowing books for villagers, mainly children, living far from the Library.


Awareness campaigns on social issues

Actions de sensibilisation à l'éducation

Three to four times a year, Youth Club members  organize parades, shows and games on social issues related to the local situation such as domestic violence, environmental protection, dengue fever, school enrolment, children’s rights, gender…These campaigns are conducted with the strong support of commune councils, village chiefs, the Pagoda and reach a  wide public of students and villagers of all categories.


After school tutoring for underpriviledged primary school students

Soutien scolaire au Cambodge

Since 2013, an innovative strategy to prevent disadvantaged students from dropping out of school is implemented through a system of “Small Teachers”. Some Youth Club members are volunteer to provide after-school tutoring classes in Math and Khmer as well as educational and entertaining activities for a few hours a week for disadvantaged students in primary school. These young tutors receive training, technical monitoring, stationery and educational games.

Community development activities in line with specific local situations

Local developement in the agricultural

Each Youth Club can initiate concrete actions to participate in local development in the agricultural,  environmental infrastructure or health sectors. For example : Youth Club members in Sambo (Kratie) are partners with Conservation International and  take part in the preservation of the Mekong turtle. At Changkrang (Kratie), Youth Club members have organized the repair of a much used road. At Ansaong (Prey Veng), a model garden was set up in partnership with the Youth Club leader’s family to show the villagers good gardening practice.

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