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Publishing books in Khmer

Sipar’s mission is to support the Cambodian publishing sector by training human resources in different professions and to offer Cambodian children, teachers, educators and the general public, a rich range of quality books corresponding to their needs and tastes.

Sipar has been working since 2000 to publish original and quality fiction and non-fiction works in the Khmer language, distributed in reading services supported by Sipar and other NGOs, or sold in bookstores.

enfants cambodgienne livre siparSipar Books

Based in Phnom Penh, a dedicated team, active and well trained by international publishing specialists, works on each book production  line: testing topics, editorial conception, text writing, text translation, correction, layout, publishing, promotion and distribution.

In each of its publications, Sipar’s editorial team guarantees :

  • Top quality Khmer
  • Easy to read Khmer writing
  • Books adapted to the reading levels indicated
  • Documentaries created in collaboration with experts in the field
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Field-tested books
  • Non-gendered titles that encourage the inclusion of people perceived as “different”

Sipar aims to publish and distribute more and more books at young Cambodians and also to adults now. Some copies are distributed free of charge to libraries and other reading services supported by Sipar, while other copies are offered for sale to other NGOs and bookstores in order to contribute to the development of the programms. But in order to take the living standards of the majority of Cambodians into consideration, a very low sales price has been set so that as many people as possible can have access to books : but revenues do not cover the price of production.

Recently, interest in reading in Cambodia has gradually found its place in schools and homes. This is proven by the great success of the National Book Fair, which, launched in 2010, continues to attract more and more visitors each year. In 2019, its attendance rose to 180,000 people ... compared to only 50,000 in 2017!

However, the publishing sector in Cambodia remains underdeveloped and lacking professionalism and creativity, especially with regards to children's literature.

Since 2000 …

  • 2 700 000 copies published since 2000
  • 220 titles and 16 collection printed
  • 83 training schemes offered in the various professions (graphic designers, illustrators, writers, translators, artistic directors…)
  • In 2020, despite the sanitary crisis, 15 new titles were published and 91 titles re-printed

Download Sipar Edition Catalog 07 2020

16 collections designed to meet the needs of everyone, adapted to each age range and each level of reading

6 collections for children aged 1 to 6 years old

Cloth books and First Picture Book, Picture Book, Let's read, Let's learn, First Stories and the Montessori collection.

Books for very young children with simple and realistic pictures, bright colours, laminated paper, in a format designed for small hands. It’s through the early use of books, shared with a parent, that the child appropriates the object and develops his language.

Picture book Edition SiparLet's learn J'apprends Edition SiparFirst read Sipar EditionMontessori Sipar collection

4 collections for children and young people from 7 to 16 years old

I would like to read, I would like to read special, I Can read, Youth Literature, and also First stories special and Disabilities

A collection of books to give a taste for reading in primary and secondary schools. Illustrated fiction texts, adapted to the readers’ level to develop reading skills. Cambodian and international authors and illustrators to enrich the young readers’ imaginations.

I Can read "Rongkea and green monster" Sipar Edition Game book 4 Sipar EditionYouth literature - Jungle BookFirst story special Sipar BooksFirst stories disabilities

2 collections of documentary works for young people from 8 to 16 years old

Discovery…, I would like to know ..., I would like to know the life of... I would like to know scenes...

Books which satisfy most young people’s curiosity and need for knowledge. Unique works created by Cambodians to help readers discover the history, nature and environment of their country. In-depth documentation produced together with specialists and a presentation designed with a pedagogy that facilitates access to content.

Mekong biodiversity Sipar EditionAngkor Edition SiparKhmer T3I would like to know scenes 6

2 collections for teens - Ages 14 and up

Khmer literature and comics

KL02-Ghouls, Ghosts, and other infernal creatureYear-of-Hare-1 Tian Sipar publishingYear of hare tome 2 - TianYear of hare tome 3 - Tian

3 collections for adults

Life skills, the professions and Hors series

This collection touches on concrete subjects from everyday life : agricultural subjects (livestock farming or market gardening), health (nutrition, dental care, care during pregnancy, sexual hygiene …), work (creating ones own small business, finding work). Business (job readiness, micro company). It aims to help improve living conditions for urban as well as rural populations. It offers them simple instructions to diversify their culture, their food, their sources of income or their lifestyle. The special collection addresses topics of interest such as geopolitics.

HC05-The Asean MiracleCareer in beauty SiparLife skill Vie pratique Edition SiparCollection facile  faire Sipar en khmerFinancial Literacy Sipar Edtion

SIPAR BOOKS in English and in Khmer

Prizes and awards obtained

Sipar’s books have been awarded numerous prizes :

  • In 2019: one of 4 books dealing with disability “Leaksmee can run and jump, yet …” was awarded the IBBY prize for the best book about disability. The book was presented at the Bologna book fair in April.
  • In 2018: “Sothik, a confiscated childhood” and “Panchatantra” won respectively the Best Author and Best Translation Awards.
  • In 2016:  the title “I love my clothes” was awarded the prize of honour for the best translation
  • In 2011: during the international IBBY-Asahi event (international book fair in Bologna, Italy); Sipar was awarded the prize for the best initiative in terms of promoting reading.


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