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For 26 years, Sipar has been creating and developing school library projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia, leading to the institutionalization of the program at national level.

Today, school libraries are recognized as a complementary and necessary resource in the school curriculum, strengthening the learning process of the students and developing their curiosity and creativity.

Since 1993...

  • 310 libraries have been set up.
  • 2600 librarians have been trained.
  • 26 000 teachers trainees have been initiated into librarianship.
  • More than 200 000 Cambodian pupils have access to supplementary reading materials within their schools.

Main objective

To support and collaborate with educational stakeholders in the implementation of a national policy of libraries in primary and secondary schools and innovative actions.

Implemented activities

The implementation and development of school libraries are the result of the collaboration between Sipar and several departments in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports such as the Curriculum Development Department, the Primary Education Department and the  Teacher Training Department,  in collaboration with partner organizations.

After focusing on the setting up of libraries and on the establishment of their book collections, our activities today are mainly focused on :

  • The expansion of School Library Standards throughout the country that allow primary school directors, parents committees, librarians and relevant civil servants to refer to common criteria in order to set up and run a library in their schools.
  • The introduction of  teacher trainees  in the use of libraries and books for children during their two years pre-service training in 19 Provincial Teacher Training Colleges (PTTC) through a specific training session and book donation.
  • The design and organization of training sessions for librarians, in conformity with national standards


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Furthermore, since 2010, Sipar and the Department of Curriculum Development of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports have been collaborating  in the implementation of a pilot project of School Referral Libraries.These libraries are developed in secondary schools which have been selected based on the will and commitment of community and school.These referral libraries must help enhance the practices, support initiatives with regard to the set-up of libraries and offer training venues for new librarians. 9 School Referral Libraries have been implemented in secondary schools in 9 provinces.




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