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Publishing Services


Our team provides Publishing services for those who need help


  • Text translation from French or English into Khmer and text re-writing if needed

  • Khmer text editing (proofreading committee)

  • Illustrations and art direction

  • Publishing follow up, layout and corrections

  • Printing, binding and finishing

  • Coaching services for new publishers



Our service fee is available upon request. To make a quotation, we need to know: editorial services, number of pages, book format, paper for inside and cover, book finish.


They have benefited from our services

Save the Children, for their program of First Read

UNICEF, Lycée René Descartes, British Embassy in Cambodia, Kinal Foundation

Abécédaire du petit Bogolan Nord-sud Dominique DordainNovice Sokha Khmer UNICEFThe adventure of Sokmey Lycée Descartes à Phnom PenhSky Pods in Phnom Penh British Embassy in CambodiaBehond the Cambodian Storms Hay Ly Heang Kinal Foundation

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