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How to set up a library in your school, your training center, your children’s home, your student center, or in your office ? How to organize the space and to choose the most adapted furniture ? How to install the books on the shelves ? And what kind of books and other reading and learning material have to be selected according to your target groups ? How to install and use professional software to manage your library ? Sipar is able to help you to solve all these issues thanks to its 20 years of experience in the field of library and other reading facilities.



The services offered by Sipar to help you to set up and manage your library are designed together with you in order to be tailored to your specific situation. The catalog presents some of the services available.


The team

The members of the team are experienced Sipar library program managers, trainers, educators and librarians with several years’ experience.


  • Preliminary study: Needs assessment and recommendations for library implementation – Code L1

Content: The team conducts an assessment of the space and of the target group’s needs, and provides recommendations for installation (furniture & equipment), human resources, types of documentation and other material. If needed, the team can provide a detailed quotation for furniture, equipment and books.

Duration: 1 day

Team : One documentation officer and one library trainer


  • Evaluation of an existing library and recommendations – Code L2

Content: The team conducts an evaluation of the installation, organization, inventory and lending management, orientation of users, facilitation of activities for readers by librarians. Recommendations for improvement and strengthening services are provided.

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Team: One documentation officer and one library trainer


  • Support  for the creation of a library – Code L3

Content: After an assessment of needs and possibilities (Service L1), in collaboration with you, the team selects and purchases books, magazines, educational games and other material, designs shelves and purchases them, helps your librarian to set up the library (cataloguing, lamination, installation of the books, signage, internal rules…)

Duration: 5 days

Team: One library program manager and one documentation officer


  • Facilitation of reading session by Mobile library

Content: One or two Sipar librarians facilitate reading activities for your target group (preschool and primary school children, out of school children…)

Storytelling and story reading using different techniques,  awareness of how to use books correctly, support for reading, educational games, creative activities, social games.

Duration: session of 1 to 2 hours

Team: Mobile librarians and educators from Sipar.


For all information contact Mr. Sin Sothea, Library Program Coordinator :


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